Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long Time, No Post!

Wow...its been a long time since my last post! Lots going on, Connor turned 8, work is crazed and I wish more than ever that I would win the lottery! Baseball ended, but we've had lots of fun things we've been doing like picnics, dodger games, pizza parties, sheesh!

Oh, and if you haven't heard about this already, there's an iPhone app called Hipstamatic. I just love this more than I can say, its so cool! The picture here is using this app when we were at a Dodger game on Connor's birthday! I've also been playing some with a new trial version of PSE, I'm looking forward to learning more, I'll post some of my projects soon!

More craziness coming, my mom's retirement, school ending, lots of changes coming. Bring on the Summer, I'm ready!